Species: Human
Age: 31
Ht: 5’ 8”
Wt: 176 lb
Country of Origin: Imperial Hinode
Pre-pirate Occupation: Naval Commander

Stella is the captain of the pirate ship Lebrandeus. She’s pig-headed, aloof, easily flustered, and favors solving problems through violent and spectacular measures.

When Stella was just a child, she got the “edgy protagonist” treatment via the mass slaughter of her quaint village at the hands of marauders. Ever since that fateful day, Stella developed a raging hate-boner for scum and villainy and spent her youth masquerading as a “too cool for school” lackadaisical tough girl.

Eventually she decided to join her country’s Imperial Navy to aid them in pirate extermination and other such war crimes. One day, she was betrayed by her superior officer and convicted of high treason. She then deserted the navy, stole their experimental vessel, and became a pirate so she could murder the fuck out of aforementioned superior officer and have her sweet revenge.