Species: Aliman
Age: 13
Ht: 5′ 0”
Wt: 106 lb
Country of Origin: Saoirsen Isles
Pre-pirate Occupation: Boarding School Student

Neala is the miscellaneous helper of the pirate ship Lebrandeus, as well as Aisling’s younger sister. She’s neurotic, timid, angsty, and is just trying to avoid getting killed or going crazy.

Neala spent her recent years at a rather staunch and abusive boarding school due to her family’s poverty. Her father, a sell-sword, did his best to provide, but could only do so much.
One fateful day, her father did not return as scheduled. After weeks of worry, Neala decided to take it upon herself to leave her shitty school life and look for him herself.

As she was about to venture forth on this excursion, Aisling mysteriously returned from her time with the druids. After learning about her father’s fate, Aisling eagerly agreed to help, and offhandedly mentioned at the last minute that the pair should permanently flee the country and become pirates.
. . . Neala really wasn’t ready for that last part.