Ah yes, I figure I should post some stuff about the actual Lebrandeus, especially since the whole fucking site is named after her.

Created by Stella’s home country, Imperial Hinode, the yet-to-be-named vessel was created to be the first of its kind: a minimal-crew battleship specifically designed to hunt and kill leviathans, a notoriously dangerous subset of super-massive mutant species that live in the oceans of the planet of Ara.

Because of this, she is far faster, more maneuverable, and much more heavily armed and armored than any vessel that has come before. Which is a big reason Stella stole her in the first place.

Though she’s smaller than other conventional ships of her ilk, she weighs about the same and her smaller stature helps with her pants-shitting mobility. Also, all that extra material can go into upping her armor.

As a note, I’ll probably re-redesign the Lebrandeus at some point, because that’s just what I do. So stick around for that shit.