Ah, what is this? A non-comic? Yes, and there’s a reason why.

I’ve been doing these little snippets and vignettes for many months now in order to get a feel for these characters and see how people like them, but I want to tell a true story. That being said, however, I need some time to create that story.

So, in the foreseeable future, I’ll still be updating this site, but I’ll be doing bits and pieces of info about the world that this story takes place in as a way of fleshing out the idea and buying myself some time to actually write the damn thing. Occasionally I’ll drop a quick shorty, but honestly I can’t keep farting those fuckers out in a timely manner.

Now, on with the actual bit of nonsense that’s posted.

As you may or may not know, “Lebrandeus” takes place on a fictitious world I’ve called Ara. And on Ara, there are four intelligent species. Those of you who read this comic are familiar with three of them. These intelligent beings are collectively referred to as the sapiens.

REPTANS (a.k.a “The Illuminati”): Reptans are the lizard-looking fucks. Unlike real lizards (and Aran lizards, for that matter), they are actually mammalian. They give live birth and breastfeed their babies . . . so yeah, lizard tits. All reptans possess tails.

ALIMANS (a.k.a “The Furries”): Alimans are the . . . animal-ish things? I guess they’re rodent-feline something-or-others. I didn’t really put much emphasis on what they’re supposed to be. They’re meant to be ambiguous, kind of like what goes on in “Goofy Movie”. Like reptans, all alimans possess tails.

AVIANS (a.k.a. “Da Boids”): Ah, these are new. Yes, there are bird-people on Ara. Similar to reptans, they differ from real and Aran birds due to being mammals. They can’t fly and have no tail.

HUMANS (a.k.a. “Fuckin’ Normies”): Aran humans are like real humans. Not much difference. Humans have no tail.

Though there are four distinct races, some are more alike to each other than others. For example, all sapiens have their own “races” divided by skin color. Alimans and Humans share the same racial skin color divisions, while Reptans and Avians share their own respective color palette.

Anyway, that’s all for now. Tune in next week for more bullshit, because some how, some way, I’ll continue to update regularly and eventually give you fucks a proper story.