Yes, Ara has giant spiders.

The tarantula can be found mostly in tropical climates, though certain species can be found in nearly all other areas of Ara. Most other tarantulas are found in deserts and mountainous regions, especially within cave systems.

Interestingly enough, tarantulas qualify for three of the five categories necessary classification as a leviathan. They’re amphibious, have immensely durable chitin, and are equipped with especially deadly natural weapons; namely their sharp blade-like forelimbs and their ability to spit flammable venom.

Tarantula webbing is highly valued on the black market for its flexibility and strength. Gathering the web, however, is quite a dangerous task.

Despite their appearance, tarantulas are actually quite intelligent creatures. Many zoologists compare their temperament to that of chimpanzees. Unfortunately this includes their propensity for aggression. Tarantulas mate for life.