Species: Aliman
Age: 23
Ht: 5′ 1

Wt: 265 lb
Country of Origin: Saoirsen Isles
Pre-pirate Occupation: Druid

Aisling acts as the Master Gunner and general muscle of the pirate ship Lebrandeus. She’s animalistic, over-eager, lecherous, and crass. Aisling is the wildcard of the crew.

From a young age, Aisling showed a strange affinity for nature. The Order of the Druids took notice and decided to train her in their ways. This was a mistake.

While terrible at the nuances of druidry (Communing with nature, meditation, other tree-hugging hippie crap), she was a prodigy at wielding destructive magic and even dabbled in the forbidden art of transmogrification.
The elders didn’t take kindly to this and told her to stop. She refused, some “arguments” took place and Aisling “politely resigned” from the druids. She then decided to try piracy in order to “distance” herself from the druid council.