About the Comic

Lebrandeus is the story of a small crew of pirates and their day-to-day escapades on the oceans of the planet Ara.  Ideally, Lebrandeus is meant to be a 22-minute adult animated television series. This webcomic is made to be a proof-of-concept for the idea.

Due to my constantly-shifting schedule, the comic will take on various forms, some of which are not traditional story format. I do what I can when I can.

About the Format

Because Lebrandeus is meant to be an animated piece and not merely a comic, I’ve opted to use a pseudo-storyboard method to present the work. I wish for the audience to view the piece as though they were watching it through a 16:9 screen.

About the Author

Who am I? Man, I’m just a motherfucker who works for a living and draws on the side. One day I want to tell stories and be able to thrive off of it. But in the meantime, I just do what I gotta do.